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Effective Date: Feb 26, 2022 and Last modified: Feb 26, 2022

Please read and understand the following Terms and Conditions (“Terms”, “Terms and Conditions”) carefully before using referred to as ‘Web Site’ or owned properties (the “Service(s)”) operated by StrainsLike (“us”, “we”, or “our”).

By accessing and using these Service(s) you are agreeing to conditions of compliance and acceptance of these Terms in this agreement. These Terms provided here apply to all visitors/users and others accessing Service(s) provided on this Web Site.

By making the decision to use or access our Service(s) you are agreeing to the Terms provided here. If at any time you disagree with any Terms or Conditions set forth here, then you may not have access to any Service(s) provided on this Web Site.

Links To Other Web Sites

We provide links through Our Service(s) to other websites either for reference or third party affiliation. For the properties that StrainsLike or its owners does not own, we have no control over their content.

StrainsLike does not and will not assume any responsibility for the content provided by third party organizations, their privacy policies, Terms or any other practices by third party services or their websites. You acknowledge and agree that StrainsLike is not and will not be help liable for any loss or damage associated with said third parties either alleged or caused in association by using any third party website, service or the content they provide.

We strongly suggest that you read and fully understand and Terms of Use or Privacy Policy that is provided by any third party service or product that is linked to from StrainsLike.

Use of Cookies

By simply accessing this website, StrainsLike may make use of cookies to save specific data about your user experience and to improve the user experience by tracking how the website is being used. A “Cookie” is a data file that is stored either on your browser of hard drive to set data like settings or what pages and actions were accessed and made on the Web Site. Any cookies are easily removed by accessing your specific browsers settings and removed using their provided tools. Cookies are typically used for a variety of services. StrainsLike makes use of Google Analytics in order to better understand how our websites is used, understand our users and improve the user experience.

StrainsLike makes use of cookies made available by services like social media and Google Analytics for a variety of purposes like marketing. This enables us to provide related promotional material and ads, should we decide to make use of ads, and display these ads across a variety of websites on the internet. Some of the data in these cookies may or may not be shared with those third parties through the services that they are providing which allows us to show custom advertisements and content.

These ads get shown across some websites that you visit due to you accessing our website prior. Opting out of the campaign can be done by accessing and changing the Google Ad Settings or by deleting those cookies from the browser.

Some information like the browser used, geographical location, type of computer and languages may be collected to make a better user experience or for marketing purposes. Further data like IP Addresses may also be used to collect this type of information and provide content to you. This data is anonymous and is not personally identifiable. If ant any time you do not want Google to make use of this data you can remove it by accessing Google Analytics Opt Out Tool provided by Google. While this deos make it difficult to improve the user experience on our Web Site, we fully understand your desire for that data to not be used even if said data is not personally identifiable and anonymous.

For analytics and understanding user activities Cookies are used to improve the Web Site like what searches are performed and what pages are accessed and where in order to improve navigation and structure.

Usage of any Personal Data

Any Data collected by StrainsLike, either non-personal or personal, is kept private. This Data will only be used to contact you if consent was given like signing up to our Newsletter(s) or using a contact page.

This Data is never shared with anyone unless we are required to do so by law. We will never sell this information to a third party for any reason. We believe this is unethical and value our users privacy. This Data will only every be requested if using on of our Services.

Data is stored and protected using modern technologies that are in place and all implementation done by our hosting provider(s) and/or software being used. Checks are done randomly either by us or our hosting providers to ensure protecting is being provided.

Types of Data we may collect and why

Some data that we may collect but is not limited to:

This data is collected for the purposes of analytics to understand the geographical regions of Web Site visitors and what websites or search engines they may be coming from. Some data may include the types of browsers, demographic information is available, email addresses, names, the type of device being used (to improve our user experience across all devices, marketing or analytics).


StrainsLike makes use of the email service Mailchimp in order to manage our email subscription service and run campaigns across a variety of channels. Mailchimp processes and stores the data you provided including emails addresses and names. This list is stored with the Mailchimp service. To better understand Mailchimp’s practices revolving privacy we recommend reading and understanding Mailchimp’s Privacy Policy.

When engaging with an email campaign sent by us, Mailchimp may also collect data that is Automatically Collected Information regarding email interactions, the type of device used and usage data. Mailchimp makes use of cookies and may use other technologies for tracking to collect and store some of this type of data. To better understand Mailchimp’s individual policy on Cookies and the technology they use, please read and understand Mailchimp’s statement on Cookies.


StrainsLike reserves the right to suspend or terminate access to any Service(s) provided without liability or notification for any reasons like breaching our Terms of Service but not limited to this reason. All details in the Privacy Policy and Terms of Service by nature, survive the termination. We reserve the right to terminate use of our Web Site with or without reason should we deem it neccessary.

Governing Law

All Terms and Privacy Policies are governed under the laws of British Columbia, Canada beyond its conflict of law provisions.

Failure of StrainsLike to enforce or uphold any provisions or rights set in these Terms are not considered and will not be consider to be a waiver of the rights. If any provisions set in the Terms are found to be void or not enforceable by court, all other provisions in these Terms will remain. Terms by law establish any and all agreement(s) between us in regards to any and all Service(s) provided provided by us.

Changes and Updates to Policy

StrainsLike reserves the right to change or update the Terms, Terms of Service and Privacy Policies at any given time without notice. Revisions that are made to these agreements, materials or provisions we will attempt to provide notification within 30 days of these changes should they take effect. What is regarded or constituted as a “change” is at our sole discretion and any changes are made reflective by the “Last Modified” notification at the top of the page.

By making the decision to use our Service(s) after changes are made and have become effective, you agree and are bound by the changes or revisions in the Terms, Terms of Service and/or Privacy Policy. If you disagree with any changes or updates to these agreements, then do not use our Service(s).

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