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StrainsLike content contains information about cannabis, apparently. This information provided is only for educational, entertainment and reference purposes. Please check with local laws in your area whether or not cannabis is legal.

Educational and/or reference material may include content that we provide on social media, other websites, this website, apps, third party content, ads or other services that we decide to make use of.

StrainsLike does not and will not provide health or medical advice. Information provided on StrainsLike is not a substitute for treatment, diagnosis or prevention of any medical conditions, which proper health care providers are there for. With any and all substances, every individual may have unique reactions and/or effects to using the exact same substance. StrainsLike is not responsible for your decision to make use of any substance(s) mentioned on this Web Site.

In the United States, you must be 21+ to access to information and materials provided on this website. In Canada, you agree you are over the age of 19. For users in other countries, you agree you are of the legal age required to access this sort of information and material.

Statements, information and material provided on this Web Site have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. Products that are advertised or provided are not intended to cure, prevent or treat any disease. Any and all material provided by users of this Web Site in the review or comment sections are also not evaluated by StrainsLike or the FDA. Such material is the users own personal opinion(s). No material or information provided on this Web Site is evaluated by any medical organizations or medical professionals.

Consult a proper healthcare provider regarding any material and/or information that you may think is beneficial in order to avoid any complications, interactions regarding your own circumstances and conditions you may have.

Policy Regarding Email Advertising

Our policy on email advertising is to send emails only to those who have subscribed to our email newsletter and those who wish to continue receiving our email newsletter. For those that do not desire to receive emails or newsletters from StrainsLike they can unsubscribe at any time. We do not prohibit the advertising of our Web Site, our brand or any other brands using unsolicited emails.

If you think that you may be receiving unsolicited emails advertising or promoting our Web Site or brand, contact us at (support@strainslike.com) so that this can be investigated.


Cookies are essentially small data files that can be placed on your hard drive or browser when you access website on the internet. Cookies may be used to identify your computer each time you access the website. StrainsLike uses cookies to provide a uniform user experience to all users of the Web Site and for authentication of areas on our Web Site meant for Signed In users or Subscribers.

Third Party Links, Cookies & Content

Third Party Advertisers may also make use of cookies when advertising on our Web Site. StrainsLike is not responsible for the cookies or content used/published by Third Party Advertisers. By accessing or using this Web Site, you relieve StrainsLike from any and all liability that may arise from using a Third Party website, service or application.

We may link out to third party websites for information reference purposes or as affiliate links.

StrainsLike does not and will not sell your information to a third party. We believe this is unethical and that your information should remain with us.

Submitting Data

At no point is any user required to submit information

By submitting data such as reviews, photos or ratings (which is intended to be public) you agree that StrainsLike has the right to use the submitted data commercially or non-commercially. This type of data is publicly viewable on the Web Site as intended for all users to be viewable by all users.

Data like usernames, email addresses and passwords which are required to create and account on the Web Site are not public and not personally identifiable. We make use of… As a way to protect your privacy, the only personally non-identifiable information the Web Site uses is your name (should you provide it) and your email address.

Ordering Online

We do not sell cannabis and we do not sell cannabis on our website. The goods we do provide do not contain controlled substances like THC. Any data that you provide when ordering on our website is secured using SSL (Secured Sockets Layer) an encryption protocol and is stored in database(s) which cannot be accessed outside of our firewalls.

basically, that data you may send us is encrypted to that in an event that your information is intercepted it cannot be read easily. These security measures are in place to prevent anyone from outside this company from accessing your data.

StrainsLike does not and will not sell or rent your data to anyone. Your data is only used to provide our Services and we may use your name and address to provide information on StrainsLike services, products that may be of interest.

If at any time you desire to have your information removed from our mailing list, please contact us at (support@strainslike.com).


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Links on this Website

StrainsLike does not review or monitor information or material provider by other party’s websites or ads which may be linked to from this Web Site. Opinions or material provided by other parties are not shared by us or endorsed by us. We are not responsible for the content or privacy practices of the other parties or websites. When leaving our site(s) it is your responsibility to check the privacy policies of external sites. The information provided by them should be fully evaluated for trustworthiness and security before using their website or providing any information to them. StrainsLike does not accept any responsibility for damages, in whatever manner they were caused, resulting from providing or disclosing information to third party websites.


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